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Our Company has been the leading supplier of high-quality bottled spring water since 2009.

manomay water

Water Purified by Our Products will Keep you Healty and Safe.

Our purifiers reaches you before that our experts tests all products because we know our customers what they like. Our purifiers provide fresh, clean water, which is takes care of your health.

Protection from Bacteria

Our water purifier gives you clean water, we try our best to make sure that our water purifier is bacteria-free at all stages.

No Contaminants

We control the production process of our water purifier to make sure you receive the best product from the company, which you can trust.

Quality Assure

Our Customer always trust us because we always keep our promise about quality assure.


We can show you Manomay Features

safe water

Beyond doubts, fresh water is one of our most vital resources that directly affect human health and well-being

healthy drinking

We understand that pure water alone can fight against thousands of infectious diseases.

mineral water

Our goal is to be the best at what we providing high quality product at a fair price.

manomay water

Free from dirt and germs

Many solutions have been derived to purify water and make it healthy for human.

Wide range

Keeping water pure and germ free, we, RO Care bring forth ro water purifier service.

24/7 Support

We take pride in being one of the leading traders and suppliers of RO water purifier systems.

We Work to Offer the Best Customer Service

Online Ordering

Our online store is always open to customers who prefer to purchase quality water purifier. You can also order direct via call us.

Product Delivery

After booking your product will be ready to dispatch from our company and 3-4 business days to reach by your side.

Friendly Managers

Our team of friendly managers is always ready to help you choose and order the best product that suits your Requirement.

Stay Safe With Us

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